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Carbide sawblades special

World Renown
  Quality made  Affordable

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Saw blades special

has been manufacturing industrial woodworking tooling for over 75 years.  Their quality is known around the world.

As you realize, not all saw blades are alike.  With the Stehle quality you will receive hard precision steel saw blade plates and micro-grade carbide tips, all manufactured under rigid standards of quality.  

Because of improved technology, including automation, we are able to offer you some of the finest quality carbide tipped saw blades at a very affordable price.  You'll agree with us that they are some of the the BEST BLADES AT ANY PRICE!

MADE IN AUSTRIA  -  USA Stocked for fast delivery

Phone 1-913-831-1800 CALL TOLL FREE 1-800-255-6214 Fax 1-913-831-2974

Weaver Company. - 1108 South 37th Street - Kansas City, KS 66106

Toll Free: USA 1-800-255-6214  Canada 1-800-255-6214   Mexico 001-800-010-0136

Phone (913) 831-1800 Fax (913) 831-2974

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