Fast - With the Variable Speed Power Feeder, Jigs and Fixtures you can make any shape or size of door. Machine a raised panel door in less than 2 minutes! 

stile and rail arched raised panel door

Machine a Crown Raised Panel door in less than 3 minutes - A Square Raised Panel door in 
less than 2 minutes

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Cabinet Door Shaper Systems
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6 Shaper Cabinet Door System
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  Weaver DVD 6 Shaper System 
3 Shaper Cabinet Door System
Glass Mullion Doors
1 Shaper Cabinet Door System
Shaker ("Mission") Door Systems
Door Edge Shaper
power feeder
shaper accessories, guides, shaper fences, jigs, patterns for shaper tables and other accessories

edge sander
adjustable shelving
 drill machine

cutters. . .

parts & supplies  
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A System for Your Needs -Industrial Woodworking Shapers
Simple to operate, each system is  pre-set and shipped with a sample!

Fast  - Machine a crown raised panel door in less than 3 minutes - a raised panel square door in less than 2 minutes!



Turn Key Operation - Simple to operate, each system is pre-set and shipped with sample.
Air Jigs - Tenon & Rail & Palel Shapermaster are accurate and hold material securely.

System for dedicated production setup
                                            "Ready to Roll"
Dependable - Made in U.S.A.
Strong 1-1/4" spindles,
cast iron heavy ribbed tops, welded steel frames.
Continuous Duty
Complete - With Self-Centering Jigs, Patterns and Industrial Quality Shaper Cutters. 

Baldor motors up to 7-1/2 HP, 
3 Phase, 5 HP 1 Phase.

straight sticking  

(straight stile & rail sticking)

(straight sticking not using a power feeder)

Rough cut your stock, 
Profiling with exact part width in one pass.   
arch rail and panel trimming  

crown rail shaping  
crown panel raising  
straight panel raising  

(straight panel raising not using a power feeder)
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