Weaver Power Feeder!

Infinitely Variable Speed 0 to 50 feet per minute. 
* Height and angle adjustments *
Baldor Motor

More "contact space" on your stock - holds panels better as well as sticking, including short parts.  

* Made in the USA *

pf_panel.gif (5702 bytes)

Power Feeder running stile stock - sticking operation - Click Start Button 
machine stiles and straight rails with sticking shaper setup with spring infeed fence pushing stock out against feather board - stock feeder angled slightly away from the outfeed fence.

Power Feeder running Panel Stock - Panel Raising - Click Start Button
straight panel raising shaper setup with the power feeder angled slightly into the fence.
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Feeder - Weaver Shapers
             Item No.         Price
              PF721W         $1,995

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Feeder, Flat Mount
             Item No.         Price
              PF721F         $1,995

Many Roller Feeders can be converted to belt stock feeders. Simply give us the following information and we will do our best to supply you with a conversion kit. 

Between Outer Roller Centers      __________"
Number of Rollers                      __________ 

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Feeder Mounting Bracket for Weaver Shaper
PFX7622W     $269

Feeder Mounting Bracket for Other Shapers
PFX7622F      $269

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Vertical Power Feeder Brackets:

Stock Feeder mounted vertically on shaper and used with a "high fence".

Bracket  Shown holding Power Feeder on the Shaper top
PFX7622V - Vertical Power Feeder Bracket $549.00

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