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"Weaver essentials for making doors."
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Cabinet & House Door Systems, Equipment & Tooling  
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Industrial woodworking cabinet and house door shaper systems for your shop, custom door making equipment and tooling, shaper cutters, shaper essentials, jigs & patterns, edge sander, multiple spindle drill machine, power feeder. 
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Shaper Systems
shaper cutters
shaper cutter accessories
(ball bearings, shims...)

custom cutter service


Ball Bearing Rub Collars, Warning Discs, Spacers & Shims
air tenon fixtures

Jigs & Fixtures
guides, shaper fences, air crown door jigs , manual crown door jigs, plexiglass patterns , hardwood patterns, hold downs, dust shields, etc. shaper essentials, accessories.
air crown door jigs 

& plexiglass patterns

10 styles to choose from!  
manual crown door jigs 

& hardwood patterns

10 styles to choose from!
power feeders
edge sander

multiple spindle drill machines
belts, bits...
saw blades ...

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