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We have many types of cutters available - many profiles are available in insert tooling and braised tip. We feature cutters from Freeborn, Byrd and others. Architectural cutters including flooring, bevel, groove, rabbet, square edge, fluting, chamfer, corner round, roundovers / radius / bullnose / cove, ogee, v-paneling, reversing, edge details, architectural moulding, (molding) drawer front, finger grip, drawer lip, drawer lock, glue joint, door edge, window sash, joinery, stair banister, hand rail, and so on

A variety of cabinet door and cabinet door stile & rail cutter sets - profiled and shaker styles - for solid panel or glass doors, tongue & groove sets, etc,

Raised panel cutters single raise, raise w/partial back as well as double raised panel sets.

We also offer custom cutters for special projects, matching existing profiles, etc. as well as our . 

And last but not least, shaper cutter accessories such as spacers, adjustable spacer sets, shims, spindle collars, cutter covers, ball bearing rub collars, dead collars, t-bushings (flanged bushings for arbor size matching), etc. 

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Shaper Cutters
Freeborn, Byrd & others
Braised Tip, Inserts.

cabinet door cope & stick 
raised panel 
square edge cutters
3/4" Bore Cutters

house door cope & stick 
carbide tipped circular saw blades
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feeder belts
sanding belts
drill machine bits

(under construction - many other parts available)

Shaper Systems
shaper cutters
Ball Bearing Rub Collars, Warning Discs, Spacers & Shims
air tenon fixtures
air crown door jigs 
& plexiglass patterns
manual crown door jigs
& hardwood patterns
power feeders
edge sander

multiple spindle drill machines

belts, bits... saw blades ...
“put the best to work in your Shop”

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